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Achieving the toned fit body you've always wanted has now become a reality. Finally there is a product that understand the science of weight loss. The Skinny Booster system is a powerful combination of detoxification and rapid fat reduction. Many product focus on removing toxins or trying to help you reduce fat storage but not until Skinny Booster has the culmination of science come together to help you achieve positive measurable results.

The Skinny Booster System provides you with extreme detoxification using natures most powerful antioxidants to help shock your system into releasing unwanted waste. When the body is out of balance due to stress, bad diet, lack of excercise or combination of all three toxins build up rapidly causing the body to hold onto excess water, glucose, and fat, creating unwanted weight and body composition. Through Skinny Booster's proprietary formula your body will be fed the power it needs to release years of toxins and fluid build up giving you the vitality to achieve your desired body shape.

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The Booster formulation contained with the Skinny Booster System allow you to control how rapid your weight loss occurs. This powerful metobolic accelerator will dramatically increase your bodies ability to shed unwanted pounds of fat and toxic fluids. Working in conjunction with the Skinny Cleanse, the Booster formula will decrease your hunger cravings while providing you a constant flow of fat reducing energy that will have you wondering why you didn't have this secret formula years ago. However, we must warn you to read the direction carefully. This powerful formula must be followed carefully to ensure a healthy and constant weight loss. Over boosting can fatigue the body and contribute to mental and emotional tension. However, used correctly, your results can be rewarding and consistent.

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Pomegranates are nature's most powerful anti-oxidants that we've found. These amazing little fruits perform wonders for our bodies. Skinny Booster harnesses this power in a process called extraction where we only harvest the key parts of the Pomegranate to give you all of the cleansing benefits without all the sugar from the fruit. You get the entire cleansing benefits of an entire Pomegranate with every Skinny Boost dosage.

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