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Skinny Booster is designed to help you revitalize your health by enable to start shedding those unwanted pounds. However, good health also requires that you eat proper foods and and excercise in addition to using supplements like Skinny Booster to help achieve your weight goals. Below is a scientific review of how the body functions and may be valuable to helping you understand how the body gains and loses weight.


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When we eat we typically ingest 4 categories of food, energy, protein, fiber, and vitamins. The 4 basic elements is what the body uses to regenerate itself and keep in moving. Good health is achieved when we consume proper amounts of each of these elements. However, too much or too little of anyone of these things can result in strange and sometime dangerous outcomes.

The first category we want to address is energy. Energy is consumed by the body in terms Glucose and the body creates glucose from carbohydrates, starches, and sugars. When we eat foods that contain one of these three elements the body turns it into glucose and our bodies absorb this glucose into our muscles and liver for future use. The most important organ that glucose runs is our brains. Unlike our muscles that can operate on glucose and fat our brains can only operate on glucose, therefore, the body goes to great lenghts to ensure it has a steady supply of glucose the feed the brain.

One of the most troubling trends in today's society is the believe that if we cut our fat content down we also cut our fat storing down. This is false. Consuming fat does increase your fat storage and we will explain this later. What most people don't understand is that carbohydrates and sugars can be converted to fat by the liver. Here is how it works. If we consume and meal that has a lot of carbs and sugars our blood sugar will rise which triggers our insulin levels to rise. As our insulin levels rise the muscles in our bodies go from a closed state to an open state. When in an open state the muscles begin to pull the glucose or blood sugar from our blood stream thus reducing our blood sugar and increasing their storage of glucose. However, our muscles and liver can only hold so much glucose. If we don't work out regularly then we never depleat our stored glucose, thus, when the body needs the muscles to absorb blood sugar there is no where for the glucose to go since the muscles and liver are already filled up. It is in this situation that the liver takes over to protect our brains from getting into a high sugar environment. If your blood sugar gets too high it can kill our brains, therefore, our livers are designed to protect our brains.

If our muscles are unable to absorb any more glucose because of lack of excercise then the liver does something very interesting, it begins to pull glucose from the blood stream and in an enzimatic process it converts glucose into fat. Now what happens in the body is that blood sugar goes down but blood fat levels go up. When blood fat levels go up, more insulin is secreted and now the adipose tissues are signaled to open and adipose tissues is where our bodies store fat. Now the adipose tissues begin to pull the blood fat out of the blood stream thus lower the blood fat levels to a safe level. Therefore, over eating carbs and sugars contribute just as much to fat gain as does eating fatty foods. The only difference is that it takes more carbs to equal the same calories in fat which is where all the stupid login came from in the first place.

A long time ago someone got the idea that if we cut out fats we could reduce calorie intake and therefore reduce how much people ate therefore lower a person weight. However, what they failed to look at was eliminated fats from foods causes the stomach to not signal the brain that the stomach is full. There is a chemical in our stomachs that trigger the brain we are full and to stop eating and fats have been know to help in that process. When we eliminate fats we eliminate our stomachs ability to create those signals, thus, people on low fat diets tend to over eat carbs and sugars so it is an off setting result.

The key to weight to loss is to basically eat less but since so many of us are addicted to the pleasing feeling carbs give us many people find it impossible to reduce their intake. Skinny Booster was designed to help people achieve the self control they need to succeed. The special formulation is designed to help trigger the brain that you are full so you don't over eat, which is why the Booster pill should be taken before each meal. The Booster pill is also designed to give you the energy you need to achieve your physical work outs. Excercise is critical to weight loss since it burns glucose from your muscles and liver, now the next time you eat the body simply restores the glucose you burned out and does not convert it to fat. Now as the body rest and sleeps it will begin to burn fat thus reducing your weight.

The second category of food is proteins. There are 13 basic amino acids that the body uses to create thousands of protein strands our body uses to make all the different components we need. Protein is what our body uses to make skin, hair, muscles, blood, bones, and everything else you can see and touch. The reason high protein diets work at losing weight is that you are substituting protein for carbs and the body cannot gain weight from proteins. In fact, proteins help create what is called glucagon which helps in releasing fat from the adipose tissue for the muscles to burn. However, only eating protein deprives the body of glucose which it needs to run the brain, therefore, the key is to have a balance of protein and carbs at every meal.

The third category of food is fiber. Technically fiber is a carbohydrate but since it is complex the stomach and small intestines cannot digest it. Therefore, fiber goes directly to the colon where it gets fermented. Fermentation in its simplest form is the process of bacteria eating food. Our colons have millions of bacteria that eat all sorts of things for us to help us digest our food. When fiber enters our colon the bacteria goes to work and just like us bacteria has input and output. Whereas our output we want to flush down the toilet, the bacteria outpu can be beneficial. Fed the right kind of fiber, the bacteria in our colons can make all of B vitamins, they make short chain fatty acids which help carry vitamins and minerals to our bodies, and they help strengthen our immune system. When we cut fiber out our diets we cut a lot of beneficial nutrients from our bodies as well. Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables, but don't make the mistake that fruit juice has fiber in it because it does not. The fiber has been removed. Therefore, make sure to eat fruits and vegetables to keep your fiber intake steady.

The last category of food is the vitamin category. Today many people do not get the proper amounts of vitamins there bodies needs because so much of the foods we eat have had the fiber taken out them. As described about, fiber help the body produce vitamins that we need but a low fiber diet or the wrong kind of fiber can result in vitamin deficiencies. Skinny booster has bee designed to provide a complex b vitamin dose and many people using the product explain they get a good feeling after using the product. That good feeling comes from the b vitamin boost and its the bodies way of saying thanks.

In summary, Health and Fitness are choices and each of us must choose how we are going to eat and how much we are going to excercise. Skinny Booster understands this process and has diligently strived to provide a product that contributes to overall health and fitness but ultimately each person must decide how they will live each day. Skinny Booster is simply there to make each day a little easier as you begin the change of complete body transformation.



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The special blend of ingredients in Skinny Booster is designed to help you have the control you need to reduce your calorie intake, the energy you need to excercise, and the cleansing power to have you feeling great each and every day.

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